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Lovin ma wacom tablet

2009-11-01 03:42:05 by Nateofwar

got a wacom tablet for ma birthday and am lovin it i can animat 10x faster and better cant wait to submit the shit outa newgrounds. Get ready cuz im gunna blow your mind... (joke about what im curently animating)


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2009-11-02 01:11:52

I might be the only one who got the joke. :)

Nice work getting yourself a tablet. I hate the mouse. I've gotten good at drawing with it, but it's still a timely process. I was never a big artist as a kid with crayons, but I know I could make characters and objects a lot faster and prettier with a tablet.

However, last year, Tom Fulp gave out Wacom Tablets to deserving animators once a day every day throughout December. Maybe he'll do the same this year? I sure hope so. He focused on a lot of unrecognized animators. I'm crossing my fingers to be on that list. Maybe he saw my Pico Day flash.