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Entry #5

Cat Killer

2010-02-17 22:47:10 by Nateofwar

Yeah great news from my street today. My mother is a cat breeder. She has several cats that she can legaly have because she is a breeder. My mother has many cats that roam inside and outside of her "breeding area" (its kinda just a specialized garage).

Now this lady down the street just came up to my door and told my mom that she wasTrapping and Euthenizingpeople's cats. Most of our cats up for sale are to young to chip or do anything but a collar with because we don't plan to keep them. The lady has trapped and euthanized 29 cats so far. The animal controll said that its legal but its TOTALY FUCKED UP.

"that woman is a psycho bitch." -animal control operator

What do you guys think i should do.


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2010-02-17 22:59:14

dude i know what you mean my mum shares the same hobby (we have ragdolls) but that woman is fucked you should call RSPCA or some animal activist group or try to talk some sense into her, if that dont work a rubber mallet is pretty convincing